#FollowFriday, #MusicMonday: Any more coming?

November 3, 2009

I’ve found a new hashtag on Twitter: #MusicMonday or #MM – The idea is copy of the #FollowFriday or #FF, share music or band you like on mondays. If you are wondering what about #woofwednesday? Well have fun here 🙂

Here is a cool site referencing Twitter hastags:  wthashtag.com with cool usage graphics for each term – check http://wthashtag.com/Musicmonday.

Interested in knowing more?

  • #FollowFriday:  “How it works” & “The Anatomy of a trend” posts by Mashable.
  • Who are the top FollowFriday Twittos, check TopFollowFriday.
  • Checks tendancies for #FF here on Wthashtag – +60 000 tweets on October the 30th!!
  • There is even an automatic tool for you to send #FF:  Autoff.com – but to tell the truth, it can be helpful to get facts -who you’ve been RT the most- but the whole idea behind #FF is quality and you should explain why you like someone posts, not just send lists and lists.

How to survive Social Media: my toolbox

November 2, 2009

Social Media tools ARE time consuming. This post list the tools I’m using to organize my Social Media activity and lists others sources and articles talking about time saving methods when using SM tools.
This is an open toolbox: feel free to add more content in comments.


  • Google RSS reader: used to subscribe to blogs and organize these subscriptions in folders. I will not explain how I organize them in more details. When you are subscribed to a fast growing list of 297 blogs, Google RSS reader is not very convenient to read so much content.  Google Reader has an interesting option to share a post you’ve read – John Jantshch has published a cool post “A Twitter sharing time saving tip” on how to combine this with TwitterFeed in order to publish automatically blog posts you like to Twitter.
  • Feedly: outstanding tool to read -even subscribe- your Google RSS reader content. Display is very natural in a news paper like style that allow fast reading, quick hiding or zoom, easy forward -to mail, to Twitter, to FaceBook (FB)- easy bookmarking -to Delicious and more-. Once you opened in a browser, you get a small toolbard, located at the bottom-right of your screen very convenient to forward links while you are browsing other pages.
  • TweetDeck: to organize tweetos by groups -I find it more convenient than Twitter lists-, follow direct mentions, follow on other specific words -brands, company, etc.- everything I want to follow on the long run. I read it from time to time.
    Tweetdeck supports multiple Twitter account and can also post your message to FB or post the same content to Twitter and FB.
  • An alternate choice for TweetDeck, HooSuite – it’s an online tool, for some reason search are easier than in TweetDeck, you prepare tweets to be sent at a later time and from multiple accounts.
  • For other searches, day long or just to check, I’m using an online tools Tweettabs – no user creation, fast to start. Once the search terms are tuned, you can use Tweetalert to automatize and receive tweets emails -check webworkerdaily’s blog post “Tweetalert-google-alerts-on-twitter” for a how to guide.
  • Twittertim: when I’ve been off for most of the day I use Twittertim to get in touch fast and see the links tweeted by friends and friends friends. An easy way to get an idea on what’s hot in my sphere.
  • Delicious.com: to organize my bookmarks as well as share them via Twitter -you can do both at the same time.
  • bit.ly – default tool to shorten URLs in Twitter tools like TweetDeck. Once you’ve created your own account you can easily follow stats -how many read and clicks- on links you’ve sent.

Links to related articles

How to analyze tweets and RT on YOUR content

October 6, 2009

Jennifer Van Grove reports on a interesting tool TweetMeme Analytics to follow tweets on your content and how they spread – check here her post “TweetMeme Analytics Show You How Retweets Spread on Twitter”.

Based on her test, one can follow retweets and measure the influence of the ‘retweeters’ – see pic below.

I have started a 30 days trial today… let’s see how this works 😉

A Key difference between Twitter and (Facebook or Linkedin)

October 5, 2009

IMO, Computer world made an interesting point yesterday in their “The_Business_Sense_of_Twitter” article:

"It's not cool on Facebook or LinkedIn to
friend people you don't know at all. But
Twitter is about information, and "following"
people you don't know -- merely because of
the interesting things they might say -- is the rule."

FB and LI are oriented on the relation between people: you need to know someone a little to add it to your network and “listen” to him or her. Twitter is centered on hearing the message first. Definitely complementary tools.
Pointing the obvious? Well, so much noise made comparing the Twitter and Facebook, I think it does not hurt.

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5 pragmatic steps to ZEN using Twitter (#zentweetingbreak)

April 1, 2009
Zen Tweeting Break

Zen Tweeting Break Sign

We all have heard people complaining about Twitter being noisy or being full of self-centric low-quality messages. To many, Twitter might be only that, but to a few, it is a life improvement experience. They report that under specific conditions, Twitter is actually helping them to relax if not to meditate.

So far it is a well kept secret and no word has filtered. Yet we think the good in social media tools must also be shared with the readers of this blog. This post describes the 5 pragmatic steps and conditions to turn Twitter into a life empowering practice bringing you concentration, clear thinking and empowerment: the Zen Tweeting Break.

  1. The very first step is to create a specific account for your Twitter meditation. Pick a pseudo that is an anagram of your real name + the word Zen. Here is an anagram generator to help you in this task. Play with second names, surnames, initials but make sure your pseudo radiate with positive vibes – mine could be Mineral Bezel –
  2. Pick an avatardesign one or pick one in a data base, what matters here is that it is YOUR choice.
  3. Follow Twitter users practicing the Zen Tweeting break with positive thoughts. It is likely they will follow you in return with the same good spirit. To find such users, you might use search.twitter.com and look for keywords “#zentweetingbreak“.
  4. Get a prime number of followers: now this one is a little  tricky. The good numbers are 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71 73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113 etc. The more followers you have the longer Zen Tweeting Break periods you get.
  5. Start your Zen Tweeting Break: Now here comes the final step and it so simple you will never believe it – take our word, try it! To start the Zen Tweeting break, you just need to Tweet with the following syntax:
    “I’m on a #zentweetingbreak – please join me and RT”.
    Now, breathe deeply, do not move, just look at the Zen Tweets scrolling. Concentrate on the growing silence inside you, concentrate on the breathing and say “tweeeet” slowly from time to time. The pause will go on until the last Zen Tweeting message.

There is but one last thing you need to know before starting your own Zen Tweeting Quest: the Zen Tweet-etiquette requires that you should retweet any #zentweetingbreak message that you receive and start your Zen Tweeting break right away!

See? This was good! This was relaxing! The more practice you get the easier it will be and the more benefits you will get on your health, your wrists and your concentration. Zen Tweeting Master’s with thousands of followers have up to 8 hours of Zen a day. This power is yours to use!

Happy Zen Tweet to you!

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Having the longer…. tail, in social media

March 31, 2009

It seems most social media (SM) tools are twisted by some users in the following ways: they build collections of “friends” . They compete and rank themselves in term of who has the biggest number of friends or follower or subscribers. To be fair, most SM tools rank users based on the number of “friends” or followers they have which kind of tend to grow the tendancy.

So what’s is the benefit?

Long tail blue bird

Obviously no one can really read and answer to 300+ followers tweets nor know and discuss with 1000+ contacts. It’s not anymore about sharing content and about being interested in knowing others. So, again, what’s the benefit?

Well there is a real benefit in being the first to apply successfully a tool for business. This success become the reference and your name makes it to the board of fame – not mentioning reward might be even more substantial. The idea is to be talked about, to get famous, to be the buzz Guru. Once you are there, you have super power, no one will question your vision, everyone wants to be in direct contact with you and your network reach exponential grow, the social media nirvana.

What are the protections?

Not that many. Twitter has an internal protection system consisting in temporary disabling an account receiving too many followers as describde in this post from Social POPStars (the name says it…). They call it “blewing” their account… and do so out of pure popular virality! But not all users with big number of followers are genuine.

How to spot fake follower count?

In a post name “How to spot a twitter user with a fake follower count” Amnesiablog.com reports of experiences made  to artificially grow one’s follower count and gives a method to spot a “faker” through nice & easy graphical analysis.

How to check identity and behavior?

Well, as Amnesiablog is proposing, by following for a time, checking content and unfollowing. That’s all there is for now.

Seems blacklisting is also coming soon. Amnesiablog talks about www.socialtoo.com building such a blacklist.The first know blacklist made out of goodwill, twitterblacklist.com, has been closed by its creator due to a brutal loss of confidence in Twitter. What is the next solution to counter Twitter spam? When will there be an internal rating or badrating available to users?

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[Video] Comment ça marche Twitter ? Part 1

March 27, 2009

Pour les francophones curieux de mieux comprendre Twitter, excellente vidéo de Fadhila Brahimi: [Video] Comment ça marche Twitter ? Part 1

(Pour voter pour cette video c’est ici sur VodPod et ici sur YouTube)

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