It’s all about leadership…

September 11, 2010

A short post to relay a post by tittled Why do we undermined ourselves? Great question. Saeed is doing a great job at underlining the words that tell about this in PM and PMM specialists texts – such as being the glue and the gap filer in the company organization. I cannot say I’ve never filled that way.

Saeed is also right in the fact we as part of marketing should be actively leading and showing the way, that PM are an important part of an organization towards a better business. Now, the fact that Saeed is not saying is that many companies, many sales and development organization do not see it like this and tend to save money by under staffing their PM and PMM teams. So yes… we have to help companies do a big change and understand PM and PMM are productive and that money spent in their salary has a significant impact on the business.


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