What is product management?

September 5, 2010

The folks of Brainmates posted a very interesting presentation that is supposed to summarize their thoughs concerning Product Management (link to Brainmates post: “What is product management?“).

Well, I’m saying above this is supposed to summarize talks they had with clients, collegues and friends… I’m not saying this is not really the case 😉 but.. to me this presentation is a great summary of what Product Management should be. The high end of it, in charge of product strategy, having regular meetings with customers, having the time to think ahead and a complete team of people to work on the daily product follow up.

So either Brainmates is just making a nice job at selling us the nice story of PM as the great consultant they are indeed, or most product managers are dreaming of the perfect PM job. Or maybe… the two combines.
Still…. this is a great overview… and I recommend having a glimpse of their Ressources page also – always helpful to see how others are doing.

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