Long time not seen

August 11, 2010

A short post today… but it took me a while to think about it 🙂 It’s been a long time since I last posted and… here  is the reason why.
I took a new job at the end of last year and was initially legitimately caught up into the initial integration / learning your product / learning your people stage. My intent was not to stop blogging. But after a period I faced two things: I found it difficult to blog about the new space I was working on while sill being in the learning curb (yeah, the perfectionist in me…), and may be more important I found it difficult to blog about my daily work life. This got me to think a lot. I mean so many other are doing it naturally, why can’t I? I this a cultural issue? Is this related to me only? A good part of it is privacy concern… part of it is cultural for sure…

The fact is that I do not like to expose my difficulties at work – either they are momentary (and I’m a quick learner) or they are structural… And exposing them won’t do me any good. Ok so now? I am still working at trying to use my work experience to fuel my blog… Blogging is a great tool to help the learning curve, open to other subjects, take a step back etc.  So stay tuned… I’ll be back 🙂


Marketing in a recession and Measuring Social Media ROI

October 5, 2009

A quick note to share two presentations which I find accurate both in form and in content :

  • Marketing in a Recession” from Todd Defren – all the reasons why company should not cut on marketing in a recession and reorganize effort and budgets in order to be visible and conquer market shares.
  • Basics of Social Media ROI” by Olivier Blanchard – gives a good description of the difficulty marketing team faces to communicate SM results in a clear and measurable way. In addition to the message, slides are fun to watch with their 70’s UFO look. (BTW, you might want to check the vidao of Olivier doing this prez)

These two links are taken from Harik Hanson selection in a his post called “9 social media presentation for PR pros”.

Why are corporate blogging?

March 25, 2009

Below are a few notes made while listening to Chris Brogan video cast  posted on his blog titled “What should corporations do with their blogs”.  Chris asked several company – AMD, GM, Pepsico, BestBuy, … – how they are using their blog to talk about important issues with their customers.

[This is not a transcript – please listen to the video as it is fully loaded with high value content].

Corporations are blogging to engage the customer, get feedback, build a conversation and establish a link. Promoting the product is not enough to establish and maintain the link. Real content and personal relationship is needed.

Three predicates to corporate blogging

Now in order to engage real conversation with customers, corporate needs to believe in three predicates:

  • consider social media as a real tool – not entertainment,
  • realize that customer are intelligent and as a group are able to figure out what they want.
  • be willing to act transparently and discuss what is of real interest to customers – be it product evolution or crisis situations.

If one is missing, it’s likely the blogging communication will fail. Now assuming, these three beliefs are fully accepted, then real blogging can happen.

Why do corporate blog?

The whole idea behind corporate blogging is to be able to get feedback information from customer at a faster rate.Yes, learn from customers to improve product, services, communication, identify new market niches: in the end it’s all about competitiveness and being faster than competition and prepare for your future.

In addition to identifying future product evolutions, blogging can also be used to handle crisis situation.

How to blog?

It’s just human interaction, you are here to help customers. It’s a person to person relationship. Like in the real life, you build connections on your personality.

How important is the man behind the brand?

Most of the speakers gathered by Chris are Big brands, so the question was intended to clarify if blogging was doable for small companies with small or no budget.

The question was rephrased as follow “How important is the group behind the man blogging for the brand?“. Blogging or social media activity might  be a one man work but this man needs to have the ability to get support from the rest of the company or needs to be able to bend the company strategy when getting important feedback.

Do not be afraid as a company to try, to test social media. Do not be afraid to talk with people hating your brand. This might be your one opportunity to discuss with them, to clarify something maybe to turn them into your brand champion.

What advices do you give to a social evangelist?

  • do not be afraid at taking a risk while blogging, it’s easier to make a mistake as a human than it is to do one as a corporation. Mistakes and excuses from a human help building a link,
  • if looking for a job in this space, take the job because you see a future in social media,
  • keep your social media activity honest, have integrity, have transparency – the whole system is based on trust.
  • while blogging, inject personality – it’s all about people -the brand is not enough.
  • does not matter the size of the company. You need to learn about fast fails: try and learn from it.
  • you’ll find internal resistance against blogging and social media – keep up the work, this is the future, resistance will disappear.

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Paris Barcamp on Online Reputation Management 4th of April 2009 (French: e-reputation Barcamp à Paris 4 Avril 2009)

March 20, 2009

I will be attending the “e-Reputation” / online reputation management (ORM) Barcamp (#link in French) in Paris next 4th of April. The three main topics are:

  • How to manage my Personal Branding
  • Corporate Branding: internet tells a lot about a company (Corporate, HR, finance…)
  • Profile certification, who does what.

Will likely post a feedback here. I look forward to see you there…

For those of you wondering, a Barcamp is an open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants (Picture and text source Wikipedia).

How to blog for personal branding best links

March 18, 2009

A quick note to refer you to the excellent post from Michele Martin “Bamboo Project Readers’ Guide to Blogging for Personal Branding“.

This is so far my best link in term of method, process, clarity, completeness. Michele did a superb job at summarizing various blog sources and producing this Guide. A must read.

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