My October best list

Here is a selection of posts and tools I’ve liked in October.

On  Social Media tools:

On Product Management:

On other subjets:

Tools I’ve tried:

  • Remember the Milk with it’s Gmail integration – nice TODO list 😉
  • HootSuite a web based Twitter client offering multiple account, custom search and Tweet later option. In addition to TweetDeck and useful when you are on the go without your computer.
  • and stopped using:
    • TweetAdder – tool to automatize followup, send nice message, schedule tweets and much more. Limited to one Tweeter account in demo, no way to have several messages in different languages and… too much automatizing kill the connection.

Feel free to add yours in comments 😉


2 Responses to My October best list

  1. ceciiil says:

    Hi Armel,

    Hey, Many thanks for the pingback. But how about commenting ?

    keep up the good work ! C.

  2. A.BILE says:

    Hi Ceciiil,
    Thanx for the remind – you’re right tweets are not enough and your post worth a comment for sure. Done Sir!
    Lesson learned 😉

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