#eReputationcamp #Paris 4th of April 2009: neat!

Lots of interesting debates and idea shared at the eReputation camp organized in Paris this Saturday 4th of April 09.

Great location – La Cantine is a really friendly place – nice home made buffet 😉 and perfect for informal events.

I attended the following sessions and and shared my notes live  (OMG!  no time for proof reading).

  • Corporate & Branding / eReputation,
  • Personal branding,
  • Open money.

All session reports are available on the eReputation Barcamp Paris dedicated web site – french content.

Special thanks to Fadhila Brahimi, Emilie Ogez and Franck Hashas /Bloxx – Names are linked to there respective Barcamp article (french)- who welcomed me, explained the Barcamp and introduced me to  nice people.

Also really interesting to meet in real life bloggers I’m following. BTW, they always are less tall than I expect from pics and blog – Any idea why? 😉 Just kidding.


3 Responses to #eReputationcamp #Paris 4th of April 2009: neat!

  1. Emilie Ogez says:

    Thanks Armel. Hope to see you soon. 🙂

  2. fbrahimi says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Retour du barcamp parisien sur e-reputation…

    Comme prévu, j’ai donc rendu visite à La Cantine lors d’un barcamp où j’étais convié par les très motivées manageuses de YouOnTheWeb, accessoirement pour retirer mon lot, principalement pour venir étaler ma science. Ce que je ……

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