Did Social Media drive decision for Tropicana?

( Click on the image to view Adage.com article)

( Click on the image to view Adage.com article)

Tropicana used social media (SM) as one of the marketing tools to evaluate a new packaging redesign. What is making quite some noise today in the #social media search in Twitter is that besides the relative small size of the SM negative feedback – 1% according to PR Newswire– this information was powerful enough to drive the decision to get back to previous packaging.

Why? Simple, according to PR Newswire: “study by LJS revealed that nearly half of consumers in the US used social media sites in the past year to help them make a purchase decision” and that “social media content is rated as three times more influential than traditional media“. Wow!

Edward Barrera is questioning the fact that the brand might have killed the redesign to quickly – here. It would certainly have been very interesting for Tropicana to keep the new product in the field a while longer in order to prove SM feedback to be right or wrong…. and build a reference metric so to say. Their brutal loss in revenue – according to this article by adage.com – did not give them time to “play” with SM numbers.

Now… is the impact given to the SM feedback a tentative at building  a new buzz and driving the sales up? Just asking. WDYT?

PS: I recommend reading also the comments at the bottom of the adage.com article. Interesting.


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