#eReputationcamp #Paris 4th of April 2009: neat!

April 8, 2009

Lots of interesting debates and idea shared at the eReputation camp organized in Paris this Saturday 4th of April 09.

Great location – La Cantine is a really friendly place – nice home made buffet 😉 and perfect for informal events.

I attended the following sessions and and shared my notes live  (OMG!  no time for proof reading).

  • Corporate & Branding / eReputation,
  • Personal branding,
  • Open money.

All session reports are available on the eReputation Barcamp Paris dedicated web site – french content.

Special thanks to Fadhila Brahimi, Emilie Ogez and Franck Hashas /Bloxx – Names are linked to there respective Barcamp article (french)- who welcomed me, explained the Barcamp and introduced me to  nice people.

Also really interesting to meet in real life bloggers I’m following. BTW, they always are less tall than I expect from pics and blog – Any idea why? 😉 Just kidding.


Why are marketers daydreaming about social media?

April 6, 2009

The video says it all: through mobility, mass media and globalization the customer is overloaded and suffers from ads rejection – too much stimulation – too much information.

Marketers feels they have no easy reach to the customer and want to get back to a model where customer’s recommendations were balding brand confidence.

With its “power features”, accessibility and many-to-many recommendations, social media is marketer’s next Graal. Will customer interest survive social media noise and spamming? Time will tell. WDYT?

Did Social Media drive decision for Tropicana?

April 3, 2009
( Click on the image to view Adage.com article)

( Click on the image to view Adage.com article)

Tropicana used social media (SM) as one of the marketing tools to evaluate a new packaging redesign. What is making quite some noise today in the #social media search in Twitter is that besides the relative small size of the SM negative feedback – 1% according to PR Newswire– this information was powerful enough to drive the decision to get back to previous packaging.

Why? Simple, according to PR Newswire: “study by LJS revealed that nearly half of consumers in the US used social media sites in the past year to help them make a purchase decision” and that “social media content is rated as three times more influential than traditional media“. Wow!

Edward Barrera is questioning the fact that the brand might have killed the redesign to quickly – here. It would certainly have been very interesting for Tropicana to keep the new product in the field a while longer in order to prove SM feedback to be right or wrong…. and build a reference metric so to say. Their brutal loss in revenue – according to this article by adage.com – did not give them time to “play” with SM numbers.

Now… is the impact given to the SM feedback a tentative at building  a new buzz and driving the sales up? Just asking. WDYT?

PS: I recommend reading also the comments at the bottom of the adage.com article. Interesting.

5 pragmatic steps to ZEN using Twitter (#zentweetingbreak)

April 1, 2009
Zen Tweeting Break

Zen Tweeting Break Sign

We all have heard people complaining about Twitter being noisy or being full of self-centric low-quality messages. To many, Twitter might be only that, but to a few, it is a life improvement experience. They report that under specific conditions, Twitter is actually helping them to relax if not to meditate.

So far it is a well kept secret and no word has filtered. Yet we think the good in social media tools must also be shared with the readers of this blog. This post describes the 5 pragmatic steps and conditions to turn Twitter into a life empowering practice bringing you concentration, clear thinking and empowerment: the Zen Tweeting Break.

  1. The very first step is to create a specific account for your Twitter meditation. Pick a pseudo that is an anagram of your real name + the word Zen. Here is an anagram generator to help you in this task. Play with second names, surnames, initials but make sure your pseudo radiate with positive vibes – mine could be Mineral Bezel –
  2. Pick an avatardesign one or pick one in a data base, what matters here is that it is YOUR choice.
  3. Follow Twitter users practicing the Zen Tweeting break with positive thoughts. It is likely they will follow you in return with the same good spirit. To find such users, you might use search.twitter.com and look for keywords “#zentweetingbreak“.
  4. Get a prime number of followers: now this one is a little  tricky. The good numbers are 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 31 37 41 43 47 53 59 61 67 71 73 79 83 89 97 101 103 107 109 113 etc. The more followers you have the longer Zen Tweeting Break periods you get.
  5. Start your Zen Tweeting Break: Now here comes the final step and it so simple you will never believe it – take our word, try it! To start the Zen Tweeting break, you just need to Tweet with the following syntax:
    “I’m on a #zentweetingbreak – please join me and RT”.
    Now, breathe deeply, do not move, just look at the Zen Tweets scrolling. Concentrate on the growing silence inside you, concentrate on the breathing and say “tweeeet” slowly from time to time. The pause will go on until the last Zen Tweeting message.

There is but one last thing you need to know before starting your own Zen Tweeting Quest: the Zen Tweet-etiquette requires that you should retweet any #zentweetingbreak message that you receive and start your Zen Tweeting break right away!

See? This was good! This was relaxing! The more practice you get the easier it will be and the more benefits you will get on your health, your wrists and your concentration. Zen Tweeting Master’s with thousands of followers have up to 8 hours of Zen a day. This power is yours to use!

Happy Zen Tweet to you!

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