Having the longer…. tail, in social media

It seems most social media (SM) tools are twisted by some users in the following ways: they build collections of “friends” . They compete and rank themselves in term of who has the biggest number of friends or follower or subscribers. To be fair, most SM tools rank users based on the number of “friends” or followers they have which kind of tend to grow the tendancy.

So what’s is the benefit?

Long tail blue bird

Obviously no one can really read and answer to 300+ followers tweets nor know and discuss with 1000+ contacts. It’s not anymore about sharing content and about being interested in knowing others. So, again, what’s the benefit?

Well there is a real benefit in being the first to apply successfully a tool for business. This success become the reference and your name makes it to the board of fame – not mentioning reward might be even more substantial. The idea is to be talked about, to get famous, to be the buzz Guru. Once you are there, you have super power, no one will question your vision, everyone wants to be in direct contact with you and your network reach exponential grow, the social media nirvana.

What are the protections?

Not that many. Twitter has an internal protection system consisting in temporary disabling an account receiving too many followers as describde in this post from Social POPStars (the name says it…). They call it “blewing” their account… and do so out of pure popular virality! But not all users with big number of followers are genuine.

How to spot fake follower count?

In a post name “How to spot a twitter user with a fake follower count” Amnesiablog.com reports of experiences made  to artificially grow one’s follower count and gives a method to spot a “faker” through nice & easy graphical analysis.

How to check identity and behavior?

Well, as Amnesiablog is proposing, by following for a time, checking content and unfollowing. That’s all there is for now.

Seems blacklisting is also coming soon. Amnesiablog talks about www.socialtoo.com building such a blacklist.The first know blacklist made out of goodwill, twitterblacklist.com, has been closed by its creator due to a brutal loss of confidence in Twitter. What is the next solution to counter Twitter spam? When will there be an internal rating or badrating available to users?

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