Giving a shot at comparing SM tools buzz – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & MySpace

For some reason I have missed the launch of a very interesting tool: Google Trends. Discovering a graph in a blog gave me the idea to compare if not measure the buzz-race between the main social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Myspace.

Here is the result obtained today:

Social Media Buzz Trends

Social Media Buzz Trends

Google Trends is measuring:

  • the number of searchs done on the keywords,
  • the number of time the keywords appeared in Google News.

The above graph gives interesting insights:

  • comparing interest in Facebook and Myspace over time,
  • measuring current interest in Facebook and in Twitter – first graph shows very few search for Twitter, second graph shows a lot of News published on Twitter about the same amount being published on Facebook.

The above confirms Twitter is not yet known on a large scale, that the buzz is growing fast among Web-versed people (press, bloggers….).

Do you know how google-friendly are the Twitter pages? Do they build mostly Twitter’s visibility or the page owner’s brand?

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