Do you play social games?

Do you play social games?

Do you play social games?

I’m currently deep-learning about personal branding, blogging and social media. So much noise on the subject than time is needed to find REAL content producers to follow. I have collected a large number of RSS streams which I am now sorting slowly based on content quality. I will post a list asap with a few top blog of my list.

Why am I interested? Well, many reasons: learning new tricks is one, branding myself is another, having one more tool at hand for work. In addition to that, I have been a big fan of Podcasts for the last 4 years and was tracking them through Google RSS Reader. So I naturally ended up following a few text only blogs and after a while decided now should be the time to open discussion… Without further waiting.

My interest is really centered on how to brand a product using blogging and social content & associates tools.

My first impression is here again, no surprise, knowledge comes with practice.

Second impression: I’m curious to see how some of the tool making so much fuzz will evolve and become actual products used by companies in daily marketing activities.

Third impression: well… this really is a game.. a social role playing game. So let’s play together, will you?


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